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A Designer in Dublin: Remote Work

A series on remote work and Cohere's approach to a hybrid creative culture. Designer Mo Grimes is quickly becoming a regular in Dublin. This is where he sourced his latest design inspiration for projects in F&B and hospitality.

Dublin is known for its unique juxtaposition of ancient history, architecture, and character with many progressive and design-forward brands. Immersing himself in the creative culture there, Mo has brought that perspective and spirit home to his work at Cohere.


A hi-fi cocktail and listening experience, a go-to place every time I'm in Dublin now. Beers from local brewers (Whiplash) all the way to Danish makers (To Øl), along with sleek custom wood finishes, and a speaker system bumping eclectic world grooves, I was immediately infatuated and intoxicated.


BAR 1661

A gem in Smithfield a stone's throw from some of our other favorites like Bonobo, A Fianco, and No Messin'. Sipping on any one of the fabulous cocktails made with the Irish spirit, poitin, they've resurrected, they mean it when they say "staunchly Irish and fiercely independent."



Another must visit every time I'm in Dublin, this is one of the few men's clothing stores that sources the global brands I'm always seeking. Classic, grounded, high-quality vetements that feel appropriate for all occasions. They also have a load of home goods and a women's selection on the top foor!



A subtle and composed restaurant specializing in locally sourced modern cuisine. Do the wine pairing and enjoy yourself hearing about the different valley sides of Austria that the natural wine was sourced from and how it'll brighten the notes in the monkfish bisque (pun intended).



As you enter Hang Dai, you walk past a freezer of hanging frozen ducks that, while gruesome, made me excited. Sitting down, you're transported into a train car booth with windows plastered in neon lights that glow with vintage Chinese billboard advertisements. The greasy, flavorful food and cocktails are one of our favorite indulgences to end our trips on a high note. Pre-order the half or whole duck depending on your party size; you won't regret it.