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A Designer in Mexico City: Remote Work

Cohere Designer Victoria works remotely from Mexico City and gathers inspiration from the vibrant culture.

As part of our initiative to encourage a remote/hybrid culture and inspiration from global travel, Cohere Designer Victoria worked out of Mexico City in February of 2024.

On a 10-day trip, Lead Designer Victoria spent time exploring and working remotely in Mexico. She was interested in Mexico City as it has become known as a top design-centered city. She was able to collect inspiration from the city's cool brands, beautiful art, diverse restaurants, and rich history. She assembled her top recommendations in the city to get creatively charged.


A restaurant in the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. Its cuisine is based on a deep respect for Mexican ingredients. With beautiful interiors and thoughtfully sculpted dishes, this was an inspiring restaurant experience.

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A natural wine bar and cafe with a cool outdoor dining vibe. This recommendation came from Cohere Partner & Advisor Chef Erik Oberholzter, who is an investor in their first location and has worked with the owner Scar.

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Gilardi House

A townhouse designed by the famous architect, Louis Barragan, in the 70's for a socialite. It was interesting to see the use of light and color choices throughout the home to create gathering experiences. We were able to meet the son of the original owners, who is now an architect himself!

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Casa Bosques Bookstore

A bookstore that focuses on books, publications, posters, and zines that are about art and design. It feels very curated and has design books that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

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A speakeasy-style cocktail bar that’s hidden in the basement of a building in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood. It has super unique cocktails and an apothecary-inspired atmosphere inside.

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