Strong portfolio. Talented creatives. Strategic approaches. Client-focused. Industry recognized. featured image
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Strong portfolio. Talented creatives. Strategic approaches. Client-focused. Industry recognized.

Our specialty is the branding and marketing of the built environment, mainly for projects across the hospitality industry.

Cohere is a boutique agency that has been at the intersection of place + food for over 15 years, creating brands as destinations that inspire action. Our team is entrusted by restaurateurs, real estate developers and founders to leave a lasting impact on our local communities. Cohere’s creative team consists of designers, storytellers, content creators and even Chefs, to increase the cohesion or interconnected parts to realize the vision of the project. Cohere has offices in NYC, PHL, BAL with one opening in Miami.

It All Starts with Values

Cohere was founded by Antoinette Marie Johnson. After buying-out a previous partner, she embraced change and doubled-down on commitment to an agency with a key mission: to help transform abandoned spaces. Together our team launched Cohere in 2017, built on the foundational principles of urban revitalization and placemaking that were instrumental in shaping Antoinette’s personal experiences. We built a reputation for ideal projects that brought together people + places + impact. The team rallied behind the mission, and we haven’t looked back.

We always say that the process of branding is to help projects and people meet their full potential. So when it comes to our work we focus on branding projects that help cities reach their full potential too. Usually, that means we work with clients in industries that have tangible and visible influences on our cities:

  • Real Estate Development

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Economic Development

  • Collaborative Partnerships

  • Tourism and Hospitality

We've Redefined the Word Agency

To us, “self agency” is the most important. Both with our clients and our employees, we know that the capacity of individuals to act independently yet connected by a shared underlined value system is the best way to get to a greater outcome together. For that reason, we’ve established an equitable partnership program. With conscious brands that show potential and real estate opportunities, we are thinking well beyond the average agency engagement.

We're Always Evolving

If one thing rings true throughout our agency’s core, it’s that we’re not afraid of change. In fact, we push for change. We ask questions that lead to change when working with our clients and partners. In that sense, we are always pushing ourselves to try something new, or think a little bit differently.