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Surround Yourself with People that Inspire You

Driven by a passion for design, Cohere is a sharp community of emerging brand leaders, designers, and founders.

Cohere has relaunched our online community and bi-weekly dose of design inspiration, tips and abilities to connect with leaders of growing brands

Driven by a passion for design, Cohere is a sharp community of emerging brand leaders, designers, and founders. Our studio has been at the intersection of food + place for over 15 years. Entrusted by both new and established restaurateurs, hoteliers, real estate developers, and designers - we make it our mission to connect people through great design and smart strategy so they can build more together, more often.

Simply put - We are doubling down on the content we want to see in the world - bringing you unfiltered stories with more vulnerable moments with founders, and more behind-the-scenes from world class design and hospitality projects that we want to invite you in on.

What can you expect?

We have updated the way we will be sending this deeper content into two fun formats. THE BRIEF and THE DIVE from Cohere: A bi-weekly dose of design inspiration, tips, and connections with and for leaders of growing brands.

THE DIVE - A great mentor of ours said "all good business deals get done at a bar stool". We wanted to create that space…in your inbox. Like a dive bar where the interior design intentions went out the window long ago, and the eclectic accumulation of Christmas decorations and vintage sports memorabilia are vignettes worth staring at over the course of several beers. Dives are the antithesis of branding and marketing. They just exist because people want to go there and they invite your honest beliefs over a game of pool. This is why we named these longer format stories in your inbox after this unique place. OUR DIVE will be the unfiltered stories, insights from founders, and nitty-gritty from inside of building great brands. We’re asking ourselves and our network - what vulnerabilities can you share today? Grab a seat.

The “dive” aims to cut through the fluff and give us a place to speak vulnerably about the realities of growing a brand, while remaining optimistic with creative solutions and ideas that contribute to positivity in this world. With the deepening divide of audience groups because of algorithm biases and AI means that brands are experiencing a harder time reaching their ideal fans, and we are left feeling empty by the monotonous crap we see online. The dive will offer a refreshing place to escape that phenomenon and open our hearts to learn from other great people in our network, in our niche of design, hospitality, real estate and food.

THE BRIEF - Well, this speaks for itself. Fast, easy to digest bits about hospitality, real estate and food product design trends, updates, and shares.

A quick hit of design inspiration and stories that aid your growth. Fast updates from our creative community. Curated news in hospitality, food, design, and marketing. Join the conversation with us in digestible bites.

If you're already on our list, wonderful. If not, take a moment and jump in.