NYC Climate Week: Making a Delicious Difference with Crop Trust featured image

NYC Climate Week: Making a Delicious Difference with Crop Trust

As part of NYC Climate Week, Cohere helped our client The Crop Trust host an event with The Bezos Earth Foundation, focused on biodiversity.

Crop diversity. Seed genebanks. Preserving our food heritage – The Crop Trust works at the intersection of climate activism and good food preservation, transforming jargon into action that makes a real difference. During NYC Climate Week, Cohere hosted an event at Mindspace Williamsburg with The Crop Trust and The Bezos Earth Foundation, focused on sparking conversation about how to preserve our planet’s immense biodiversity, while inspiring a more delicious future through diverse and accessible food.

“As a chef, the complexity of flavor, texture and nutrition of my food relies on the diversity of ingredients available. Protecting the world’s diversity is key to a delicious future.” - Chef Erik Oberholtzer

Chef and Cohere Advisor Erik Oberholtzer capped off the event by cooking up a plant-based meal for the more than 60 scientists, dignitaries, activists, and policy-makers in attendance; the menu focused on lesser known and locally-sourced ingredients - like amaranth, a multitude of bean varieties, freshly harvested figs, and handmade goat yogurt.

“I think that after today’s dynamic discussions and delicious dinner, we all left with the strengthened conviction that seedbanks and the diversity they house are the key to transforming our agri-food systems," - Stefan Schmitz, Executive Director of the Crop Trust

Congrats to the Crop Trust team and their partners at CGIAR - who also announced major funding from the Bezos Earth Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation at the event. Onwards!