Starr Restaurants

Bread Alley Micro-Restaurant

A Back-Alley in DC is Home to this Hidden Gem and Bakery Brand


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  • Packaging Design
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Le Diplomate has some of the best bread in Washington D.C., so when Starr Restaurants approached us to help with their bakery branding, we were excited to collaborate on bringing Bread Alley to life. The micro shop produces the best baguettes in the most unlikely spot – the alleyway behind Saint Anselm in the Union Market neighborhood. The brand identity was inspired by the grittiness of the alley, juxtaposed by a minimal logo and typography. Packaging offers a practical yet stylish vessel for the unique bread types offered.

The bread sells out so fast, those in the know want to keep this gem as a secret in the heart of Washington, DC.

Le Diplomate’s Beloved Breads Go on Sale at a Tiny Bakery by Union Market

Eater DC

The brand identity design for Bread Alley by Starr Restaurants was chosen as the winner of a Gold Indigo Award for Branding for Bakery. Taking inspiration from Bread Alley's unexpected location, our direction for this new concept mixed artful moments of loose sketches and contemporary typography to create an unexpected visual brand identity that pops against the gritty backdrop of the alley.

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