HipCityVeg New Menu Launch

HipCityVeg New Menu Launch

New Menu Items are Front and Center in this Fast Food Campaign


  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Advisory

In 2023, Cohere engaged in strategic planning and marketing with HipCityVeg, focused on the introduction of a refreshed menu and a creative campaign to support.

We identified key points that served as the foundation for the evolution, creatively and philosophically guiding the updates. Celebrate the value captured in the basics - crispy and fast, made with simple ingredients. Focus on the indulgence and craveability as captured in the HipCityVeg top selling classics. And lastly, implement limited time offers (LTOs) in which the brand can begin to signal the path forward to customers including fresher, brighter, more seasonally expressive ingredients.

Throughout the strategy and the content captured, the introduction of the campaign was meant to signal that change of the beloved plant-based brand's menu will be “evolutionary” not “revolutionary" when it comes to classics done well and with purpose. The strategy, micro-content, and messaging enabled founder Nicole Marquis to speak authentically about the thought and care that went into menu updates, while introducing fans to a fresh way to think about HipCityVeg.

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