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Home Appétit Meal Delivery Branding & Digital

Branding a Healthy Home Delivery Service with a Hint of Nostalgia


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  • Brand Identity
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Home Appétit is a weekly meal delivery service for busy professionals,
families on-the-go, and anyone who craves a simpler and more flavorful quality of life.

Cohere was engaged to envision a comprehensive brand refresh including all major touch points for consumers online and via meal delivery. We took an approach that achieved three main goals: add personality, evoke nostalgia, and add depth. The result is a personable and flexible brand system that empowers the marketing team to reach new audiences weekly.

Evoke nostalgia

We wanted to tap into nostalgia for a past (or not so distant past) where we had more time to cook, dig into a recipe, and prepare a meal for the whole family. Nostalgia for a time we’ve heard about from relatives- when milk was delivered in crates to your door, when you knew the mail carrier’s name. Nostalgia for brands and designs that have stood the test of time - Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, Better Homes & Gardens. This nostalgia feels intertwined with the approach to our food, our brand, and our approach to personal service.

Add personality

We didn't want to come across as another “VC food delivery company” in a sea of tech-backed startups entering the space. Cohere wanted to ensure that the company was perceived as a homegrown brand owned and operated by local people who cook each family’s meals each week. Visually, we needed to convey more personality through typography, colors, and a whole new inventory of brand photography.

Higher end, at-home catering for families in a rush.