Starr Restaurants

Jackass Burrito Starr Restaurants Ghost Kitchen

Building an Irreverent Brand for The Burrito that Broke the Internet


  • Social Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Merchandise Design
  • Content Creation
  • Collaborative Web Design

After a whirlwind year due to COVID, the Starr Restaurants team asked themselves “what does the world need right now?” and decided upon comfort food and humor. Starr decided to take the greatest hits from El Vez, tweak them, and package the food with digital entertainment to create not only a burrito restaurant but a lifestyle brand. That is how Jackass Burrito, the alter-ego of their fine dining restaurants came to life. It is no longer about the four walls of a restaurant, but about “content-tainment” the OTT (over the top) approach to the future of restaurants + social media. Jackass is about feeding people with more than just good food – but also with humor, content, and music. We helped interpret this idea into all elements of Jackass, from the photoshoot, website, social media, and merch design.


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