Le Zette

Le Zette Beverage Packaging

A Savory Turkish Drink Hits Los Angeles Erewhon Shelves


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  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Collateral Design

Meet le zette: a refreshing beverage now available in the specialty smoothie and drink aisle. First debuting in Gjusta Bakery in LA, the le zette team is increasingly popping up in select retail locations all over, backed with a creative strategy and packaging by Cohere.

le zette created their brand as a love letter to the Turkish yogurt drink Ayran after a trip to Turkey revealed the unique power of its freshness to both founders, Humza and Ishika. They've captured the essence remarkably in this savory, craveable summer drink known for its gut-friendly benefits. Look for them on shelves in California and beyond.

This sheep's milk yogurt is finding its way not only into retail outlets, but into cocktails and other beverage collaborations seeking to mix things up - find it featured in "The Royal Treatment" a cocktail from L.A.’s Pijja Palace, featuring a mango lassi mix and mezcal.

Le Zette is bringing the taste of Turkey to the West Coast. With a recipe rooted in simplicity and flavor, each sip of ayran will help transport you to a moment of pure serenity on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast.

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