Peter Chang

Peter Chang's House Beer Package Design

A culinary icon gets his own signature beverage design


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Peter Chang is a James Beard nominated chef specializing in Szechuan cuisine who has drawn attention for his concepts up and down the East Coast.

As his empire continues to expand, it seemed appropriate that this culinary icon deserved his own signature drink. Approaching Baltimore’s own Mobtown Brewing to produce a new take on a classic lager style, our teams concocted a crisp rice-based brew with a light and citrusy zing. Perfect with Mapo Tofu.

Fans can now find ‘Peter’s House Beer’ throughout his locations including Peter Chang Baltimore and beloved NiHao by Chef Peter Chang.

The design came to life from inspiration brought to us by the restaurant: traditional Chinese blue-and-white pottery. We married this patternwork with modern motifs and typography.

Peter Chang, left, is a renowned chef specializing in Szechuan cuisine. He is very well-known for his prominent restaurants in Maryland like Q in Bethesda and NiHao in Baltimore. In addition, his new spot near Johns Hopkins is already gaining traction.