Post Haste

Post Haste Cocktail Bar Branding

A Cocktail Bar Brand Proves that Sustainability Doesn't Have to Be Boring


  • Strategy
  • Advisory
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral Design

How do you introduce more sustainable practices into the restaurant and bar industry without boring or lecturing your customers? For the team behind Post Haste, it started with a commitment to sourcing their entire food and beverage program from providers east of the Mississippi River. That means a focus on hyper-local liquors and cocktail ingredients, with messaging to explain the "why" behind it all.

For Cohere, the project started with a strategy and a rigorous naming process. Constructing the brand identity for Post Haste, we explored facets of folk science, music, art, and punk movements that all collide in an unpretentious, yet thoughtful setting. After the rush of a long day, regulars have found comfort in the Post Haste experience.

PUNCH named Post Haste one of five "Best New Bars" in 2023, applauding its fun-loving, yet hyperlocal ethos.

Photo by Gab Bonghi

"To Fred Beebe [co-founder], a big mistake that many hyperlocal, sustainable bars have made in the past is losing sight of the fact that bars should be fun. “It can’t be some moral lesson, like, You have to drink this, even though it tastes terrible, because it’s the only thing that’s going to save the planet,” he says. The North Star of the bar is showing people a good time, not saving the world. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do their part. “When we explain to someone that we don’t have an imported ingredient and offer an alternative, we’re asking them to trust that we can still provide them something that they’ll enjoy,” Beebe explains. “We can make things that taste good using local products that are also more sustainable.” From PUNCH: The Future of Your Local Is Hyperlocal

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