Starr Restaurants

Starr Restaurants Holiday Campaign 2021

A marketing campaign that activated all creative channels.


  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • SMS Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Campaign Management
  • Content

Cohere teamed up with Starr Restaurants for their 2021 annual holiday gift card campaign, their biggest sales push of the year. Our biggest challenge for gift card marketing for restaurants was designing creative for the wide demographic their 30+ locations nationwide appeal to. We decided on bright, welcoming imagery that evoked the feeling of the spaces while placing the gift card front and center.

We applied our overall strategy to a range of channels including digital ads, out-of-home promotions, radio advertisements, and subscriber outreach. The work paid off in dividends with us surpassing our sales goal with an ROI of a 3:1 ratio of sales revenue to ad cost. The learnings from the campaign have continued to guide us and to produce an even more successful results for proceeding years. Our content strategy and advertising management continue to inform the entire restaurant group's approach to campaign thinking and sales metrics.

A successful, engaging, and valuable multi-channel advertising campaign. Starr Restaurants’ ROI on Holiday Advertising achieved a 3:1 ratio of sales revenue to advertising cost — or how much the company spent on advertising, compared to how much it earned from advertising. Cohere managed and implemented unique digital assets across social media, email, SMS, out of home, and digital advertising channels.

I'm inspired by Cohere. They are organized, responsive, creative and, best of all, a lovely group of people to collaborate with. The results of the campaign were incredibly successful and exceeded our expectations.

Amy Branzuela (Starr Restaurants Production and Ecommerce Manager)