Starr Restaurants

Starr Holiday 2022 Campaign

Savvy Strategy and Digital Content Drive Millions in Gift Card Sales for this Restaurant Group


  • Strategy
  • Campaign Design
  • Campaign Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Content

For another record-setting year of gift card sales, Cohere engaged with Starr Restaurants to support their annual Holiday Gift Card Campaign. Partnering with animation and CGI mastermind Andre Rucker, we strategized, designed, captured, and managed the roll-out of this campaign across digital and social channels.

The creative strategy for this campaign revolved around bringing miniature versions of beloved Starr Restaurants to life. Think: El Vez's plush corner booth and Morimoto's moody lights. Treated as miniature gift boxes themselves, the renderings visualized signature moments at each Starr restaurant, providing a variety of creative and animation assets. Cohere then expertly managed the deployment, targeting, and creative messaging behind each asset ensuring tangible results-driven outcomes for the team.

For Starr Restaurant's holiday campaign, we embarked on a comprehensive A/B testing initiative, designing two distinct styles of ads to discern the most resonant approach within our target demographic. This data-driven approach not only showcased our ability to craft compelling visuals but also demonstrated our dedication to delivering measurable results for our clients.

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