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The Wayward Restaurant

This Historical Building Needed a F&B Concept with Real Personality for Davidson Hospitality


  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Menu Design
  • Signage Design
  • Website Design
  • Content

The Wayward restaurant branding project is an American brasserie at the historic Stephen Girard Building at 1170 Ludlow Street in Philadelphia, PA. Elements are inspired by the legendary figure's journey from Bordeaux to Philly. From the restaurant’s name to the typography and illustrations – each part conveys Girard’s rebellious spirit, his life at sea, and his legacy as a successful entrepreneur.

A large part of our work as a creative agency is done before a single design ever touches paper. Creating a creative concept strategy is one of the foundations of our creative process, and at the core of that is typically a name. Everything relies on the naming process to ensure the restaurant can immerse you into the experience it intended, and one that the customer craves over and over again.

When Davidson Hospitality Group approached Cohere in partnership with National Real Estate Development, they were seeking a creative team to bring a new restaurant concept to life in the ground floor of the Philadelphia Canopy by Hilton hotel.

Cohere created the brand strategy, voice, designs, identity and name for the restaurant concept, bringing The Wayward to life through illustration and creative details that give the name a deeper meaning.

Housed in the historic Stephen Girard Building, the brand was always connected to a historic thread. French sailor turned American powerhouse, Stephen Girard was known for his headstrong and rebellious attitude. It’s what pushed him to leave his home in Bordeaux, France and travel the world, conquering New York City’s shipping and trade industry before docking in Philadelphia to build a life. From there, Girard went on to build a number of successful businesses in banking, construction, politics, coal mining, and transportation.

We named this restaurant The Wayward as a tribute to Girard’s spirit, his life at sea, and his legacy as a successful entrepreneur.

"We’d like to be a place where weary travelers and curious locals alike can come together over good food and easy conversation. So wander over to Chestnut Way and stay for a bit. We’ll be waiting with a strong drink in hand."

--Mr. Wayward

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