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We Exist at the Intersection of Food + Place + Design

Cohere is a branding and creative agency focused on food, real estate, hospitality, and economic impact projects in Baltimore, MD. Originally founded in Philadelphia, we have grown our Baltimore office since the agency expanded in 2015. Our affinity for secondary markets and how our work impacts their growth is what drives our creative commitments to projects that make an impact on our cities.

We offer: identity design, collateral and creative layout design, signage and environmental graphics, digital marketing, content creation, web design and development, content strategy, creative advisory, public relations, and social media management.

We have a passionate, design forward Baltimore-based team that works out of our Old Goucher offices. Our name is rooted in the word "cohesion" because we are known for helping the entire experience connect to the north star of the brand. We specialize in the branding and marketing of the built environment - but as brands find ways to connect directly with consumers online, we have learned the art of marketing as well. In addition to those core competencies, we have advisors on our team who guide the growth of companies, strategic plans, and “how” to get there. These skill sets are utilized by our partners to expand their capacity, telling stories of a building or brand both in person and online.

Examples of some of Cohere's key real estate projects in Baltimore, Jaan and Seawall.

At the Forefront of Restaurant, Hospitality, and Real Estate Branding

Since opening in Baltimore, Cohere has worked with some of the area's top real estate, culinary, economic development, and nonprofit clients. We bring the power of a true creative studio, and our clients' projects are more successful when we can employ our guiding principles; overlapping shared values and interest, to create something more impactful together.

“Cohere’s work meets the mark at each and every opportunity. The team is very gracious, easy to work with, and quick to answer any questions. Customers can expect a flexible and knowledgeable team that’s truly invested in their clients’ happiness.”

Baltimore Real Estate Branding + Marketing

Since launching in Baltimore, Cohere has had a steadfast focus on supporting the branding and creative needs of local real estate developers, commercial brokers, and investors including:

  • Wexford Science+Tech

  • MCB Real Estate

  • Seawall

  • Vitruvius Co.

  • Caves Valley Partners

  • David S. Brown

  • Reba Holdings

  • COPT

  • Workshop Development

  • FRP Development

Real estate clients expect a creative understanding of the needs and constraints of developing properties, and Cohere has supported the design of distinct brands and digital platforms for real estate marketing. From naming and strategy to branding and signage, multifamily and commercial developers have leveraged the creative team at Cohere to bring properties and portfolios to market successfully.

Engaging Stakeholders, Designing for Community

From branding to custom web design and development, real estate developers work with Cohere on the presentation of branding at both a portfolio and individual property level. Each project requires a different approach, and layers of engagement with stakeholders or prospects.

Baltimore Partner, Chris Richards, Dir. of Business Development

Chris Richards leads Cohere projects in Baltimore and across the country. He is based in the branding agency’s creative headquarters along Maryland Ave in the Old Gaucher neighborhood.

As a partner and lead project manager, Chris handles day to day client communication connecting the team with the projects at hand in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and nationwide. He specializes in leading the brand strategy and identity process, as well as custom web design and development, uniting the entire team along each step of the way.

Restaurant + Hospitality Branding in Baltimore

Food and beverage branding is another layer of expertise Cohere brings to Baltimore. Working with respected teams such as Ashish Alfred’s Alfred Restaurant Group and helping good neighbor guesthouse + shop, Cohere is bringing new concepts to classic neighborhoods in the city. In this case, Cohere works with restaurateurs and hospitality professionals to conceptualize a position for their concept, including naming, brand identity design, menu and print collateral, interior guidance, and signage and environmental design or graphics. Explore Cohere’s food & beverage work.

Some of Cohere's Baltimore focused Restaurant & Hospitality Branding: Anchor Bar, Good Neighbor Guesthouse, and Osteria Pirata.

Baltimore Marketing + Creative Design Partners

We are an award winning marketing agency, having earned the title in 2023 as “Best Restaurant Marketing Agency” from BentoBox.

Our full suite of graphic design, social media, public relations, and creative advisory services make us a trusted partner to brands and founders working to move the needle in Baltimore. We tap into the expertise of other partners in everything from digital marketing, 3D rendering, print production, and woodworking to add additional value to the projects that demand it. We pride ourselves on bringing the right team to the table, always adding value through cohesion.

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